On Vacationing as a Pastor

One of the things that surprises me so much about being a pastor is how many plates I have spinning at once. I am starting to consider this an art rather than worry. With that being said, it’s hard taking a vacation. Plates don’t stop spinning when I go on vacation. I find myself thinking about those in need in my parish. I find myself strategizing for the year still. I am only two days into this vacation and I am already thinking about what I have to do when I get back. Being called into the ministry is beautiful and scary experience. Beautiful because I love what I do. Scary because it’s on my mind all the time.
Hopefully I practice the discipline of being fully present during my vacation and hopefully everywhere. The benefit is giving my total attention to what’s in front of me.


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2 responses to “On Vacationing as a Pastor

  1. This is so true! I am leaving today and I am already thinking about next week and being home. “Practicing the discipline of being present” is truly hard to do! I will be practicing that this week. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. I watch a lot of TED talks. Here’s one that I found helpful on the subject. It justifies our need to stay in the moment. Enjoy your time off.

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