I’m a Born-Again Christian

I must have one of those approachable faces, because often when I’m walking the street I’ll run into a street evangelists who wants to talk to me. He’ll approach me and ask, “Have you been born again?” Now I’ve been asked this question enough that I have begun to phrase my answer in this way, “Yes, it was December 14, 1980, a little over one month after my birth. The day my parents had me baptized.” This will often throw them off guard because it doesn’t fit their paradigm of what it means to be born-again, typically meaning saying the sinner’s prayer and being baptized as an adult.

As Lutherans, we shouldn’t shy away from saying that we have been born-again.  We were born again when we were drowned in the waters of baptism and raised into a new life with Christ. Every day, every hour, every minute, we are to remember our baptism, and claim our new life in Christ. Every time we claim our baptism we are born again.  Luther wrote in the Large Catechism, “Therefore let all Christians regard their baptism as the daily garment that they are to wear all the time. Every day they should be found in faith and with its fruits, suppressing the old creature and growing up in the new.” So, if asked if you have been born again, tell them the day you were you died in the waters of baptism and were born anew into Christ.

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  1. David Vernon

    Well said, Joshua.

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