Cute Aggression

I was recently watching a Youtube channel called Soul Pancake and came across this…


What I found so interesting is that people are starting to look into that feeling people get when we see a baby who is so cute that you want to bite his/her face. I know that I really have this with my two children and really tiny babies.  My Aunt Lupe, well, let’s say it’s an art for her. She is a connoisseur of such a feeling, indulging many different layers and textures as if it where a transcendent experience.

Until now, I have have never heard an English word for this feeling. The word given is called, “Cute Aggression.”  I am glad that there is now a word in English for this feeling.  In Spanish it’s called “nervio.”  In Chamorro it’s called “magodai.” I think we can say that the U.S. is playing catch up here.

I wonder why, until now, there has been no English word for this.  Is it cultural? Are Latinos and Chamorro more uninhibited than those from the United States?  What is going on here?

It would be fun to do some research on this.



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