Photographers in the Hospital

This last week I was reminded that there is a professional photographer in the hospital who takes pictures of new born babies. You have the option of paying for a variety of packages and you even get to see a slide who of you and your baby. They will tell the new mother that if they don’t buy within the hospital stay that they will pay 10% more.

I am very uncomfortable with baby photographers in the hospital.

A woman who has just had a pretty intense, even traumatic, experience to her body is now forced to make decisions about whether to photograph her baby and then asked to pony up money for the pictures. Sure, this can be seen as providing a service to the parent, but it seems a little like funeral directors up selling by playing on the emotions of grieving families. I find the whole thing to be a little manipulative.

What do you think?


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4 responses to “Photographers in the Hospital

  1. Toni

    Am a little taken back by your comment about Funeral Directors up selling on grieving families. Sorry, but my husband has been a Funeral Director for years and has not and would never do that. All of our friends who are also FD’s would never do that either. When our children were born 43 and 40 years ago it was common practice for hospitals to take pictures. Of course, they only came in black and white back then. With all the technology today I can understand a change of attitude about them being taken and sold.

    • Toni, I have had personal experience with funeral directors trying to play on the emotions of grieving families both in my family and in my congregation. I meant no offense to those reputable people who take pride in their job, but it does happen.

  2. Ug, my experience with the photographer in our hospital was terrible. There’s no way we can afford the overpriced baby pictures, and we got enough nice ones of our own anyhow. But they came into my room the day after a 30 hour labor with this slideshow of baby photos set to “what a wonderful world” and I was besides myself with emotion. I mean, here I am, exhausted and elated and in the throes of all sorts of physical and hormonal changes, and I am supposed to have the wherewithal to say, no, I do not want to buy your photos of the most amazing thing that I have ever experienced? I found the whole experience emotionally manipulative. And we did not buy the photos.

    • And I am not even going to comment on the timing of the photographer and my willingness to be photographed after 30 hours of labor and a long night of nursing, healing, and adjusting.

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