Beer: Taking Inventory

I have reasonable New Year resolutions. This year there are three.  One, Learn more about beer. Two, not buy any books with my own money.  Three, lose weight. I realize one and three have potential conflict.

My plan of attack in learning about beer will be to sample widely, read, and talk with others.  I would like to be able to intelligently talk about beer, not necessarily become a beer sommelier. A good friend, Jeremy Fuerst recommended that I go through this Beer Judge Certification Program. Looking at how they organize styles of beer will help me learn to describe styles and know what to expect.

In starting this resolution I am not a blank slate. I drink beer. So, here is a list of beers I like.

Blue Moon

Corono, Pacifico, Dos Equis, Modelo

Fat Tire

Ballist Point Pale Ale

Almost any Hefeweizen


Stella Artois

Samuel Adams Boston Lager

It seems to me that I am attracted to lighter beers.

How do you think I should handle this endeavor?  What can you tell me about the beers that I am attracted to?


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  1. Sara

    Those are some great New Year’s resolutions!!! Good luck on all three. I think what impresses me most about your list is the variety as well as the fact that they seem to address three things: happiness, the pursuit of knowledge, and health. I look forward to your blogs about how beer tasting helps you lose weight. Perhaps, the beer tasting adventures will inspire you to exercise harder and more often, thus the results will be in your favor and you will be a happy and lean beer connoisseur in no time:)

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