Beer: Bitterness and Barf

Tonight, Enrique and I took a trip to BJ’s, which is a chain brewhouse restaurant.  This restaurant has some of their own beers and a good gluten free menu. Enrique has been gluten free since about the time we got married. They have gluten free pizza, beer, and now pizookies.  We just learned about the pizookie.

I order their light beer sampler which included their Lightswitch Lager, Blonde, Hefeweizen, and Piranha Pale Ale.

Something sad happened as soon as I received my beer, Sebastian threw up. Well, I just received the beer and we had ordered our food so we really couldn’t just leave at that point. Sebastian said he was feeling better so I just ran to target and purchased him a new clothes. Crises averted. Thank God the target was across the parking lot.

Enrique had a gluten free pizza and I had a normal one. Isaac, our 1 year old, ate both of our pizzas indiscriminately.

Since I have been trying to be more discerning about beers I drink I am definitely disappointed with their light selection of beer.  The Lightswitch Lager tasted like alcoholic soda water.  That’s what you get when it tagline contains the calories.  The Blonde was a little better, but I’ve also had better blondes, no pun intended. In my mind the Hefeweizen and Pale Ale where the better beers.  Hefeweizens are always fruity and and the Pale Ale had a good taste that didn’t make me throw my head back.  The overall experience left me feeling a little bitter.  That’s what I get for going to a chain brewhouse and restaurant.

I am looking forward to getting some better beers down my gullet. What do you think about BJ’s Beers?

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  1. BJs is good for a chain restaurant, and as you a mentioned with the gluten-free items, a large menu. For more focus on the beer, I recommend KnB Wine Cellars in Del Cerro (right next to Windmill Farms, so not far from La Mesa), but the menu is substantially smaller. It is however mostly kid-friendly (except no changing table in the restrooms). Don’t bother with the El Cajon Brewing Co. (went there a few weeks ago…very disappointing). Pizza Port in OB has great selection too, and although family-friendly seating, it can get really crowded. That’s all I can think of for now…but I like the post!

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