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How I feel when I can’t pass someone’s guard


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February 14, 2014 · 11:35 pm

Our Table is a Place of Peace

Boys will naturally turn anything into a weapon. Enrique and I knew that this occur naturally and thought that we were not really going to be buying guns or weapons for them.  This of course turned out to not be the case.  They now have arsenals that would make most militias proud.

Well, our two boys have great imaginations and like to play  fight/fight…most of the day.  They will take their Nerf swords and Nerf guns and chase each other through the house.  They will put themselves in wrestling moves that defy physics. They are just active little guys.

I have only one rule about their fighting and horseplay. No weapons on or around the table. I believe our table is a place of peace and hospitality. All are welcome there. When we sit a the table it shall be a place of peace and safety.  No one is to strike another.  Sometimes one will try to keep a gun on their lap and I make them put it on the couch.  I say, “No weapons at the table. Our table is a place of peace.”

I hope that our ideas of an open table extends to other parts of their life. I hope that they grow up with a deeper understanding of our table being a place of peace.

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New Years Resolution 2014

1. Brazilian Jui Jitsu -because I love it and it challenges me both mentally and physically.

2. Learn about Whiskey and sample widely.

Do you have any?

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Book I Read in 2013

My Bright Abyss: Meditation of a Modern BelieverKnowing Christ Today: Why We Can Trust Spiritual KnowledgeInsurrection: To Believe Is Human To Doubt, DivineEmerging Prophet: Kierkegaard and the Postmodern People of God
The Skeptical Believer: Telling Stories to Your Inner AtheistChristology and ScienceThe Fidelity of Betrayal: Towards a Church Beyond BeliefThe Idolatry of God: Breaking Our Addiction to Certainty and Satisfaction
Unbinding the Gospel: Real Life EvangelismThe Open SecretHolding Your Family Together: 5 Simple Steps to Help Bring Your Family Closer to God and Each OtherAnatheism: Returning to God After God
The Battle of Corrin (Legends of Dune, #3)The Machine Crusade (Legends of Dune, #2)Missional Church: A Vision for the Sending of the Church in North America (Gospel & Our Culture)The Fault in Our Stars
To Live as Francis Lived: A Guide For Secular FranciscansA Year of Biblical WomanhoodThe Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and BusinessWhen "Spiritual but Not Religious" Is Not Enough: Seeing God in Surprising Places, Even the Church
The Predicament of Belief: Science, Philosophy, and FaithThe Bible, Christianity, & HomosexualityI Thought It Was Just Me (But It Isn't): Making the Journey from "What Will People Think?" to "I Am Enough"The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are
Life Together: The Classic Exploration of Faith in CommunityPastrix: The Cranky, Beautiful Faith of a Sinner & Saint

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I’ve got this thing about embarrassing comedy

I am unable to watch people embarrass themselves, even in purposeful comic situations. The American version of the television show “The Office” was so painful for me to watch. Every time Steve Carell’s character did something embarrassing, which was all the time, I turned away. I couldn’t look at the screen. It was like if I didn’t look at the screen my I saved him from the shame that he was putting himself through.

I’ve done this in lectures too. In school, if there was a question that was particularly ridiculous, I couldn’t look at the person asking or the teacher. I had to avert my eyes. It was too painful to watch.

Does anyone else do this?  Why? Are you able to name what is happening inside you when this happens?

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Cute Aggression

I was recently watching a Youtube channel called Soul Pancake and came across this…


What I found so interesting is that people are starting to look into that feeling people get when we see a baby who is so cute that you want to bite his/her face. I know that I really have this with my two children and really tiny babies.  My Aunt Lupe, well, let’s say it’s an art for her. She is a connoisseur of such a feeling, indulging many different layers and textures as if it where a transcendent experience.

Until now, I have have never heard an English word for this feeling. The word given is called, “Cute Aggression.”  I am glad that there is now a word in English for this feeling.  In Spanish it’s called “nervio.”  In Chamorro it’s called “magodai.” I think we can say that the U.S. is playing catch up here.

I wonder why, until now, there has been no English word for this.  Is it cultural? Are Latinos and Chamorro more uninhibited than those from the United States?  What is going on here?

It would be fun to do some research on this.



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Steps to Cleaning a Coffee Maker (A Story of Failure)

I was preparing coffee for tomorrow morning and I realized that the buttons were sticking. I couldn’t set the automatic coffee maker.

I decided to try and clean them. This turned out to be a big mistake.

Here is what I did.

Step 1:  Removed Buttons from machine.  Cleaned thoroughly.


Step 2: Try and put button back on machine and realize that I can’t do it.

Step 3: Panic.

Step 4: Plug machine back in and realize that I can’t stand the blinking “12:00” copy

Step 4: Fix Blinking light problem by placing a piece of duck-tape over it.

photo copy 2

Step 5: Drink Beer

photo copy 3Yes, this really did happen.

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